Word of the Month, December 2018: PROTECT

The Saints in Training Word of the Month for December 2018 is PROTECT. The Saboteur of PROTECT is CONTROL. What do we want to protect? The mind. How do we protect the mind? That is the subject of the last video for 2018.

You may recognize our location this month as the hearth belonging to the beautiful space in Oceanside where we are privileged to hold workshops and meditation classes. Our last workshop of the year is coming up on December 22nd, and you are welcome to join us by the fire as we welcome the Winter Solstice.

Word of the Month for October 2016: Protect

We protect out space from intruders, but what about our minds?
We protect out space from intruders, but what about our minds?


The Virtue is Protect and the Saboteur is Neglect.

Neglect Never Protects Love. 

We can protect ourself and others by protecting our heart, this means by following  our conscience which lives in our heart. By following the law of one’s conscience we can benefit our own life and be of better service to our society. By practicing this type of deep inner listening you are protected by your conscience because this is the voice of Eternity. Your conscience will never mislead you. It may make you go beyond what you thought was possible, but it will never mislead. When we practice deep listening, then we practice intelligence that reduces or even eliminates harmful actions.

Protecting virtuous qualities such as kindness, patience and compassion is the practice of spirituality. Ultimately, that’s why we meditate, practice mindfulness and even pray. We do these things to protect the quality of life. When we neglect our spiritual growth we become selfish, full of blame and resentment.   Read more