Jeanie Barat

Life Coach & Cutting the Ties Facilitator


Jeanie offers:

Jeanie Barat helps you release trauma, attachments and negative emotions through her work as an Emotion Code and Cutting the Ties practitioner. She helps you let go of the negative connections to your past that may be causing you physical and emotional discomfort. By energetically releasing the negative effects of past experiences and trauma, you can heal and move on in a happier and healthier way.

Her work can be particularly helpful if you are going through a difficult breakup or divorce; experiencing anxiety, obsessive thoughts, overwhelm or physical pain; have a negative relationship with a partner, family member, co-worker or workplace; or if you are feeling a general sense of dissatisfaction.

Melanie Lococo

Intuitive Coach


(619) 869-0290

Melanie offers customized services such as:
– House and Office Blessings and Clearings to provide harmony, peace and fresh energy in your environment. We co-create  your optimal space by developing your intentions and then use sacred practices that enhance your personal goals. I also provide a check-in 2 weeks later!

– I am a Face Reader and give you a unique perspective on your fabulous face; focusing on your gifts and talents! I can see the  timing on future events and affirm your special qualities! Great gift for birthday parties, bridal showers, gala events and one on one’s! I even do zoom! Give me a picture of someone you’re interested in and I can reveal a lot about them!

– I am a local author of “I Am Light I Am Bright”a children’s coloring book on Amazon.

– I also have taught classes on: Intuitive Art, The Maori Mandala, H.OP.E. (Having Opportunities Present Everyday), Resilience and Face Reading.

– I’ve had the great honor of working and traveling the world alongside Louise Hay while being her Director of Giving at Hay House. Trained in Expressive and Intuitive Arts, I also have M.S. in Counseling from San Diego State University and am also a certified minister.

  • I do home and office energy clearings and blessings. Face Readings for birthdays and celebrations. And for those who want to know more about their unique self! Plus great for finding out about someone you’re dating!  I also offer Energy Tune Ups with uplifting sound!