Intuition Class

We are teaching our first class on Intuition in October!

Class Details

Here are the details:

Price: $200/student

When: Sunday, October 8th – Sunday, October 29th (4 weeks)

Where: On Zoom every Sunday from 10 AM – 12 PM PT

Class Description

Intuition is my first language skill. I grew up dyslexic and left-handed. In the fifties and sixties, dyslexia was not a common word. I didn’t know about it until I was in my twenties. As a result of this, I taught myself to learn by visualizing what the teachers were saying and then matching these pictures with experiences. Learning to see patterns is our Intuition. I unconsciously taught myself to problem solve intuitively and I would love to share this way of learning with you. 

This class begins in September and I am very excited about it. People think that Intuition requires belief: I don’t believe in that stuff, I’m too logical and reasonable for that. Hmph! Really? Those statements don’t have any logic or reason to me. Before you could speak, you were using your Intuition and you have been using it everyday since then. Intuition has been spoken about in a demeaning way. It has been relegated to a “woman’s” way of thinking. People have been debating about if Intuition is even real or not. This is a shallow view of Intuition, and women also. That has to stop! I am on a campaign to help stop this madness!

I have been making my living by teaching myself how to use my Intuition for 40 years now. I am bursting to share many of the things I have learned along the way. We will talk about channeling, mediumship, telepathy, animal communication, auras, and energy healing. We are going to learn about how energy works and how to interpret the flow of energy more accurately. We will have discussions about mystical tools such as Tarot, Rune stones, Astrology, and so on. We will also learn about the birth and death process. This may be surprising, but karma and reincarnation are inherent in these processes. 

We will also talk about how you can protect yourself from negative vibrations and how to learn to love being an empath. I say that because people comment on how painful it is to be an empath. I agree, and so we need to talk and share about this information.

We will have lively discussions and you will get lots of homework to help you to establish better habits to keep your Intuition sharp, clear, and compassionate.