Karma & Reincarnation Class

We are teaching our first class on Karma & Reincarnation in July!

Class Details

Price: $200/student

When: Sunday, July 9th – Sunday, July 30th (4 weeks)

Where: On Zoom every Sunday from 10 AM – 12 PM PT

If you have any questions or issues registering, you may reach out to Ruby at (760) 753-9148 or saintsintraining123@gmail.com.

Class Description

Did you know that the word karma translates to mean action? This is the entire definition of this word! It does not translate to the law of reward and punishment! Although it feels like that. Confused by this? I understand this can be very new information. Karma has become more of a slang term these days, and that takes away from its depth and complexities. It is actually the law of Universal cause and effect. 

Did you know that when we incarnate, we do not actually pick our parents and our lessons? We earn them. I realize that statement can be disconcerting and confusing. Reincarnation is much deeper and more mysteriously beautiful than randomly picking our lives. It is a law of nature. Everything and everyone in the entire Universe reincarnates and we are all related through cause and effect. This means not only humans, but cats, dogs, horses, and elephants reincarnate too! The Yogis teach these laws very differently than they have been taught in our Western society.

We will learn about what the term “karmic relationship” actually means. This ancient knowledge can help our perspective to move from judgement of others to wonderment of others. Learning about karma and reincarnation can help us understand our relationships with our families. We may not have picked them to reincarnate with, but we still have karma with one another.

These lessons are always full of ah-ha! moments. Sometimes that means it is a shocking ah-ha! moment, and sometimes it’s an oh that makes sense! kind of moment.  We can’t learn about karma without learning about reincarnation because they are inherently and inextricably woven into each other.

I hope you will consider joining us for these lessons and the lively interactive discussions that comes with it.


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

The price for the Karma & Reincarnation class is $200/student. This can be paid through Venmo, Zelle, or sending a check/cash to our office. Please reach out to Ruby at (760) 753-9148 if you need any of our payment details.

Live classes will be held on Zoom every Sunday from 10 AM – 12 PM PT beginning on Sunday, July 9th and ending on Sunday, July 30th.

Yes! Each weekly live class on Zoom will be recorded and posted privately for you to watch when you’d like. You will have access to all class recordings until one week after the course ends.