Spring Equinox Celebration

Our Spring Equinox celebration for 2024 was on Saturday, March 16th


I hope you consider joining us for our annual Spring Equinox celebration.

During our Spring Equinox celebration and workshop, we will be focusing on how to set ourselves up this year for a successful spiritual practice. 

We will be focusing on what thoughts attract prosperity and what thoughts attract fear of lack. This exercise is not about how to become rich and famous. This is a workshop that is filled with unique ways to understand our own intuition so we can lovingly teach ourselves how to practice living with more peace and clarity of purpose. No matter what the numbers in your bank account are, or even the numbers are on your scale, they cannot tell you about yourself. We need to have a practice of peace to maintain a high quality of life. The numbers don’t reflect the quality of our inner lives. This is determined by our spiritual practice.  

Come celebrate our year of Intuition with us at the first of four celebrations this year. We will be learning some fun yet enlightening ways to open our intuition to help us feel more centered with who we really are. 

The setting is outdoors in a glorious garden with little paths to enjoy all of it. It’s a day to celebrate the beginning of our journey around the Sun.

We will eat delicious vegan snacks and lunch together, as well as experiment with our intuition. This can bring, laughter, A-Ha! moments, and a feeling of peace. 

Event Details

Price: $90/guest

When: Saturday, March 16th from 10 AM – 2 PM PT

Where: 1733 Downs Street
Oceanside, CA 92054

How: Kindly register through filling out our registration form. It will ask you to confirm that you will pay $90/guest through Venmo, Zelle, cash/check, or card/Apple Pay through Square.

If you have any questions or issues registering, you may reach out to Ruby at (760) 753-9148 or saintsintraining123@gmail.com.