The Word of the Month for February 2016 is Natural. The saboteur is Normal. Please enjoy the video for the month for more, and I will have more to share again very soon. Namaste.


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  1. joy, happiness, peace when there are things to be done and we’re stressed….. whaaaaa????!!!! I vaguely recall this from way far back somewhere, before the belief formed that staying connected to it would be disempowering. Thanks for the reminder Jackie 🙂

  2. Jackie,
    I have finally taken the time to sit and begin reading about your experiences and work.
    I am weeping with a feeling of both joy and sorrow. I am deeply touched, inspired, softened. Although I have been receiving guidance from you for over twenty years, there is a different dynamic in this engagement — sitting and reading your words on the screen as a contemplative practice — viewing your videos, and seeing your feline companions!
    Thank you! ?

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