2015 Karma and Reincarnation Workshop (S)!

Karma and Reincarnation Workshop With Jacqueline Valdez Saturday, Febraury 28th, 10:00am-4:00pm $80. That’s your karma! You’ll get yours! He seems straight from the animal kingdom! This workshop is designed to create an understanding of the way karma and reincarnation are traditionally taught by the Yogi’s. This may differ from what you may have thought of […]

Summer Solstice Celebration & Puja!

Summer Solstice Celebration The Beautiful Science of Silence Save the Date! Saturday, June 21st, 2014   Are you frustrated by too much mind pounding and heart chattering? Are you surrounded by cars screaming, animals talking, bosses hissing and children barking? Is your world a little crazy with noise? Well then… Jacqueline Valdez cordially invites you […]

Word of the Month: Purity

PURITY   Virtue is Purity Saboteur is Contamination A pure heart is strong and kind.   Purity of heart reflects purity in character, much like the source of water determines the quality of life. If water is polluted, all who drink the water are prone to contamination. It is difficult to know if water is […]

Word of the Month: Love

LOVE Virtue is  Love Saboteur is Desire Love is the answer to everything.   Love is the reason for everything, and so, we wonder why we have pain in the world. We say, there can’t be a God, because the evidence of pain makes that true. But pain is the source of compassion. It is […]