Winter Solstice Workshop: “The Art of Listening to the Heart”

Hello Everybody, Just a quick post to highlight the last workshop of the year on Saturday, December 16th, at  our usual beautiful workshop space in Oceanside. The theme for this year has been Karma & Reincarnation. This topic seems to lead to a lot of Aha! moments, and lively Q&A, so join us for the […]

The Winter Solstice

My favorite holiday is the Winter Solstice. I love it because it’s so ancient. We’ve been celebrating this event all over the world for thousands and thousands of years. What is it that we’re celebrating? It’s the magic of darkness. What? The magic of darkness. The Winter Solstice reminds us that every period of darkness […]

Audio Update! Thursday Class for August 13th, 2015

The title of this class is “Are you living sacredly or does that scare you?” The audio files are now downloadable, in case you prefer to listen on the go! Your feedback is encouraged and appreciated.

2015 Karma and Reincarnation Workshop (S)!

Karma and Reincarnation Workshop With Jacqueline Valdez Saturday, Febraury 28th, 10:00am-4:00pm $80. That’s your karma! You’ll get yours! He seems straight from the animal kingdom! This workshop is designed to create an understanding of the way karma and reincarnation are traditionally taught by the Yogi’s. This may differ from what you may have thought of […]