Word of the Month for January 2019: INSPIRATION

The Saints in Training Word of the Month for January 2019 is INSPIRATION. The Saboteur of inspiration is VANITY. We are often inspired to do good works, especially by those who have set a high bar by their own example. How can inspiration help us to help ourselves and others? How does vanity get in […]

Word of the Month Video August 2018: HUMAN RIGHTS

The Word of the Month for August, 2018 is Human Rights. What do you consider to be the most basic human rights? What difference does privilege make when it comes to who might enjoy those rights, versus those who may not?

Word of the Month, May 2018: COMMITMENT

Commitment The Virtue is Commitment and the Saboteur is Loyalty. Commitment is a sacred dedication, loyalty is not always sacred.   Commitment to spirituality doesn’t require loyalty to anyone, any group or any particular way.  Commitment is voluntary and it is a sacred vow you make to yourself. This vow comes from within and then […]

Word of the Month, April 2018: COMPASSION

The Virtue is Compassion and the Saboteur is Punitive. Compassion teaches us that pain is pain, regardless of the circumstances. Generally speaking, when we are children, our parents teach us to be kind and polite. We are taught how to speak respectfully, how to treat animals with kindness and how to treat the elderly with […]