Word of the Month, April 2018: COMPASSION

The Virtue is Compassion and the Saboteur is Punitive.

Compassion teaches us that pain is pain, regardless of the circumstances.

Generally speaking, when we are children, our parents teach us to be kind and polite. We are taught how to speak respectfully, how to treat animals with kindness and how to treat the elderly with compassion. We learn to share with our siblings and friends, and we learn how to share household duties, like doing the dishes and picking up after ourselves.

When we become adults and live away from home, we exercise our adult rights to speak disrespectfully to one another, to forget to be patient with the elderly, and to refuse to share household duties or even to share our money. We have the right to be cynical, impolite and even down right disrespectful. We can choose not to be kind or patient with one another. 

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Word of the Month Video April 2018: COMPASSION

The Word of the Month for April 2018 is: Compassion. The saboteur of Compassion is: Punitive. Compassion enables healing in us and in others when we practice expressing it. Offering compassion is part of giving and forgiving. Behaving in a punitive way merely seeks to punish or exact some cost. Looking at the news, it’s easy to see both words in action. Why is it important to practice compassion? Watch the Sit Video for April 2018 to find out. Namaste.


Word of the Month: Compassion



VIRTUE Compassion


Compassion recognizes that pain is pain regardless of the circumstances.


I feel that compassion is the greatest teacher of love and happiness. This may sound strange when I tell you that compassion comes from the latin word meaning to suffer with. It is a mystery that the experience of suffering with someone brings happiness. But compassionate listening does melt hard thoughts and warms cold hearts. This can bring about understanding and inclusiveness. Buddha taught us that compassion crushes pain. It is still mysterious that feeling pain crushes pain. Compassion seems to transcend our sense of logic. Perhaps it is an intuitive experience. We may need to use our intuition to help us understand that compassion exists because suffering exists, that forgiveness exists because betrayal and trespass exist. Compassion is inherent in suffering as forgiveness is inherent in betrayal. Compassion is always present, maybe hidden, but always present.

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