Word of the Month, April 2018: COMPASSION

The Virtue is Compassion and the Saboteur is Punitive. Compassion teaches us that pain is pain, regardless of the circumstances. Generally speaking, when we are children, our parents teach us to be kind and polite. We are taught how to speak respectfully, how to treat animals with kindness and how to treat the elderly with […]

Word of the Month Video April 2018: COMPASSION

The Word of the Month for April 2018 is: Compassion. The saboteur of Compassion is: Punitive. Compassion enables healing in us and in others when we practice expressing it. Offering compassion is part of giving and forgiving. Behaving in a punitive way merely seeks to punish or exact some cost. Looking at the news, it’s […]

Word of the Month: Compassion

COMPASSION   VIRTUE Compassion SABOTEUR Apathy Compassion recognizes that pain is pain regardless of the circumstances.   I feel that compassion is the greatest teacher of love and happiness. This may sound strange when I tell you that compassion comes from the latin word meaning to suffer with. It is a mystery that the experience […]