Word of the Month for August, 2017: Empowerment


The Virtue is Empowerment and the Saboteur is Addiction.

The power to love is always stronger than the love of power.

Empowerment is a revolution of the heart. Even though the heart has all the power we will ever need, sometimes a revolution is required because  our heart has become out of balance. When our insecurities begin draining our personal power and we begin to blame others more often, then it is time for a revolution of the heart, without it, we may deteriorate into vanity, arrogance or even hate.

Balance is all about knowing where the tipping point is. All virtuous qualities can deteriorate into their opposites if we do not use a system of counterbalances. We must revolt against the invaders of the heart.

Love, without the counterbalance of discernment becomes obsessive.

Truth, without the counterbalance of wisdom becomes self-centered facts.

Respect, without the counterbalance of love becomes defiance.

Unity, without the counterbalance of inclusion becomes divisive.

Love and discernment team up to keep us from falling into our desires and losing ourselves in obsessive love entanglements.  Read more