Friendship, the Word of the Month for February 2017


The Virtue is Friendship and the Saboteur is Enemy.

Friendship is the Greatest Gift in the Universe.

Friendship is a sacred word, but it has fallen into the trap of familiarity. We use it very casually. That’s alright, but we must be vigilant as to how sacred the word friendship really is.

We live in a time when the word friendship seems to be over used and under utilized. Friendship begins with yourself. Treating yourself with dignity and forgiveness creates a habit that you will naturally extend toward others. This word is a sacred bond between individuals, families and countries. It’s a bond of trust.

The story of the Master Jesus is a story of friendship and betrayal.

His friend sold him for 30 pieces of silver, other friends denied him and abandoned him in the darkest of times.

Jesus was friends with His disciples, he was also a friend to those he healed, fed, comforted and taught. He didn’t promote religion or politics, he promoted love. In fact, he infuriated both of these groups and they finally conspired to take his life. They appeared to be jealous of how Jesus was naturally loved and respected by the people.

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