Word of the Month for July 2018: UNITY

  Unity The Virtue is Unity and the Saboteur is Divisiveness Unity is the sum of all of its parts.   Red, white and blue Unity Bars Yield: Endless amount of joy These bars are perfect for everyday interactions or they are a wonderful surprise for summer protests and family get togethers. Easy to make […]

Word of the Month: Purity

PURITY   Virtue is Purity Saboteur is Contamination A pure heart is strong and kind.   Purity of heart reflects purity in character, much like the source of water determines the quality of life. If water is polluted, all who drink the water are prone to contamination. It is difficult to know if water is […]

Word of the Month: Love

LOVE Virtue is  Love Saboteur is Desire Love is the answer to everything.   Love is the reason for everything, and so, we wonder why we have pain in the world. We say, there can’t be a God, because the evidence of pain makes that true. But pain is the source of compassion. It is […]

Word of the Month: Freedom

FREEDOM Virtue is Freedom Saboteur is Confinement Discipline leads to freedom   The truth sets us free from what? Is your love free from expectations and conditions? How does discipline lead us to freedom?  When I read that the word free is derived from an Indo-European root meaning to love I began to ponder on the relationship […]