Word of the Month, December 2018: PROTECT

The Saints in Training Word of the Month for December 2018 is PROTECT. The Saboteur of PROTECT is CONTROL. What do we want to protect? The mind. How do we protect the mind? That is the subject of the last video for 2018.

You may recognize our location this month as the hearth belonging to the beautiful space in Oceanside where we are privileged to hold workshops and meditation classes. Our last workshop of the year is coming up on December 22nd, and you are welcome to join us by the fire as we welcome the Winter Solstice.

Word of the Month, November 2018: TRANSFORMATION

The Word of the Month for November, 2018 is the word Transformation. The saboteur of Transformation is Stagnation.

Light and Dark. Life and Death. Transformation relies on elements of all of them. But how do we know when when transformation is at hand? What does it take to overcome stagnation? That’s the subject of our video this month.

Untold Stories (About Women)

The Untold Stories

There will always be more untold stories of heartbreak than can be told, but this does not diminish the raw, experience of each and every story.  When we hear stories about sexual violence, we tend to want to gloss over the individual’s story and instead, focus on the facts, the statistics, the numbers. The facts and statistics have always been inaccurate, because most of these stories have remained untold.

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SiT Word of the Month Video Sept. 2018: PRACTICE

The word Practice is a virtuous quality. When we make the effort to practice virtuous qualities, we become what we practice. We become what we spend the most time thinking about. The Saboteur of Practice is Magical Thinking. Where does Practice end and Magical Thinking begin? That’s the subject of this month’s short video.


Word of the Month for June 2016: Practice

Notre Dame de Paris, repeating steps.
Notre Dame de Paris, repeating steps.


The Virtue is Practice and the Saboteur is Procrastination.

A spiritual practice is a song that is sung from the heart.

A spiritual practice works just like practicing the piano. Little by little, day by day, you feel yourself letting go of the fear of beginning something new. We fear we’ll never be good enough, so why bother continuing? Fear that you won’t be perfect comes from wanting to be seen in a particular way by others. Practicing the piano teaches us to feel the music move through our bodies as our fingers press the keys. Over time practice frees us from the pain of being a beginner and replaces it with being aware of feeling the music move through us. Music and speech both require practice.
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