Contentment. The Word of the Month Video for January 2017.

I hope you enjoy our our short video about the word for this month, which is: Contentment. The saboteur of contentment is greed. How does simplicity lead to a feeling of fullness? How does greed lead to feeling the opposite of full? Watch the video!


Word of the Month for January 2017: Contentment


The Virtue is Contentment and the Saboteur is Greed.

Contentment is the ability to say no to greed.

We don’t use the word contentment very often. I sometimes wonder if this is because we think that contentment means settling, rather than attaining. Contentment does have an implication of simplicity with it.

I think being content saves us from more and more and more. It saves us from the deep pain of obsessive tendencies, as well as saving us from being overly ambitious and chronically dissatisfied.

When people are suffering from these tendencies and you ask them why aren’t they content with what they have, they may look at you like you’re a simpleton and couldn’t possibly understand what they’re striving for.  Read more