Word of the Month, February 2018: FORGIVENESS

The Virtue is Forgiveness and the Saboteur is Betrayal.

Betrayal never wants us to be liberated from sorrow. 

I wrote a piece on forgiveness earlier this month and then I scrapped it. Our country underwent such a deep betrayal that I wanted to address forgiveness through that event.

I think it is important that we remember that as a country, we are a family first. We are a typical family, in that we love each other and we bicker with one another, but we will defend one another every time someone outside of the family picks on one of our siblings. Recently our family has suffered a great loss, we lost seventeen of our beloved siblings. And this loss is one that we can barely speak about. So some of us are shouting in angry tones, some of us are praying with silent tones, and some of us are a curious combination of bafflement and shock, because that is just the way grief expresses itself in families.

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