Word of the Month, January 2018: GRATITUDE


The Virtue is Gratitude and the Saboteur is Resentment.

An ounce of gratitude shatters a pound of resentment.

Keeping in mind that our theme for this year is “Healing the Mind” we may need to look at gratitude in a whole new way. I think we usually approach the idea of gratitude as merely being thankful, which it is, but how does being thankful heal our minds?

Gratitude is very powerful medicine, it can actually improve our memory and give us greater patience, while helping us with the practice of mindfulness. That sounds like one of those miracle seminars, get rich in 40 days, lose all the weight you want in 10 days. Well, the practice of gratitude truly is miraculous, because of the investment of your mental attention.

“Let no man pull you so low as to hate him.” —- Dr. Martin Luther King 

Thank you Dr. King for your beautiful words and for the eloquent way that you lived them. I am very grateful. 

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