First Sunday Sit-Cast for April, 2019

This class was recorded on Sunday, April 7th. We talked about the word of the month for March, which was: Listen. We also talked about Dogma, the saboteur or listening.

It was another picture-perfect Sunday near the coast in Oceanside. The birds were singing away and the sun shone through the lush spring garden around us. The breeze caused a bit of rumble in our microphone at times, so we will definitely adjust for that before next class. Thank you for tuning into our the fourth installment of the First-Sunday SiT-Cast.

Word of the Month for March 2019: LISTEN

The Word of the Month for March 2019 is Listen. The saboteur of listen is Dogma. Intuition is a form of deep listening that happens when we quiet our own minds and focus on what someone is really trying to tell us. Dogma is busy telling us exactly what to think and how to be. That’s not listening, and that’s the subject of our Word of the Month. 

Word of the Month for July 2017: LISTEN


The Virtue is Listen and the Saboteur is Ignore.

Listening begins with an empty mind and a full heart.

Listening is different than hearing because true listening does not require our ears or the power to hear sound, true listening happens through the heart. The inner voice is the voice we listen to when we are lost or when we have painful, unanswered questions. Listening to this voice does not require the ability to hear sound, it requires the ability to feel the vibratory power of love.

When we listen to the inner voice we are listening to the highest intelligence we possess, which is love. We listen to our heart when we are listening for the answers to our current dilemmas.  — What is the best way to handle this? I feel lost, what do I need to do? We look to love to give us the answers that we are looking for, to inspire us, to help us reach our greatest potential in life. Love is also the inspiration for our highest intentions in life.

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Word of the Month: Listen


Virtue is Listen

Saboteur is Ignore


Listening is a choice we make everyday.


To listen is a skill that can be cultivated and improved upon and it is so much more than a skill. To listen to one’s soul is to listen for the truth. This is not easy and it requires a profound desire to live in the truth. This type of listening requires deep concentration, courage and the determination to evolve.

Deep listening happens when we feel lost or broken. It is during these times that a silent voice awakens inside of us. It isn’t a spoken voice, yet it has words. It doesn’t make a sound, yet we feel the message. We know what to do. We may not even like it but we know we will act. This listening is intuition and it doesn’t require ears. It perceives movement in the force in which we think, feel, move and have our being. Our thoughts and emotions create sounds and our intuition perceives these unspoken sounds. This type of listening is experienced quite often through love. Someone’s loved one is hurt a hundred miles away and that sound is perceived by their family. Intuition guards and protects when we listen to it. It guides us to our inner voice.

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