Word of the Month Video for May 2018: COMMITMENT

The Word of the Month for May, 2018 is Commitment. The Saboteur of Commitment is Loyalty. Both words are often thought to be similar, but are they really? Watch the video to find out. Namaste.

Another Pilgrimage: Returning to India

I recently returned from another pilgrimage to my beloved ashram in India. I have been traveling to India to make this pilgrimage for the past twenty five years. I haven’t gone every year and I spend anywhere from two weeks to six weeks each time I go there. The trip is a wee bit more […]

A Beautiful Day for a March

Our March, What a Day! When I was a child, my Mother told me something extraordinary. One afternoon, my parents had had a disagreement. Afterwards, my Mother told me, “Don’t worry, disagreements happen when there isn’t just one person doing all the thinking.” My Mother told me gold.  That moment taught me to never think […]

Word of the Month for December 2016: Love

LOVE The virtue is Love and the saboteur is Hate. Love is the answer to every question you’ll ever ask. I have been asked many questions over the last 34 years of my career. I have been asked about finances, family, romance, well being and so on, but all these questions are about love, even […]