Word of the Month, December 2018: PROTECT

The Saints in Training Word of the Month for December 2018 is PROTECT. The Saboteur of PROTECT is CONTROL. What do we want to protect? The mind. How do we protect the mind? That is the subject of the last video for 2018. You may recognize our location this month as the hearth belonging to […]

Word of the Month for October 2016: Protect

PROTECT The Virtue is Protect and the Saboteur is Neglect. Neglect Never Protects Love.  We can protect ourself and others by protecting our heart, this means by following  our conscience which lives in our heart. By following the law of one’s conscience we can benefit our own life and be of better service to our […]

Word of the Month Video For Oct. 2016: Protect

The Word of the Month for October 2016 is “Protect.” We focus on protecting our families, our country, but what else requires our protection and attention? I invite you to enjoy our video for this month, and to focus on the word protect.