Word of the Month for November 2016: Selflessness

Baba Quote


The Virtue is Selflessness and the Saboteur is Selfishness.

Turns out selflessness always benefits the self.

Selfish comes from fear. Fear of not being recognized, not getting the proper amount of delight, yumminess or recognition. Selfishness is all about me and mine. Selfishness seems like the normal way to feel. Sometimes we resent taking care of others and we say, I’m so busy taking care of everyone else that I don’t do what I want to do. The practice of selflessness helps us to remember that we really are doing what we want to do, we really do want to take care of one another. We’re just so afraid of it not coming back to us, or someone getting more than they deserve. 

Every time we receive something from someone without a sense of gratitude, selfishness is ruling our heart. Every time we’re petty and withholding we’ve allowed selfishness to rule our day. Every time we cheat the line, every time we’re self centered, self possessed, self important, self, self, self, eventually, it deteriorates into selfishness.

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