Word of the Month for Sept. 2016: Faith

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Faith is the Virtue and Self Doubt is the Saboteur.

We always live in the unknown, we always live in faith.

Every day is an unknown. Every day holds countless possibilities of unfoldment. These may be experienced by us as good or bad. There is so much that is unknown that it can actually paralyze us. We can become so overwhelmed wondering about what’s going to happen and trying on various possibilities in our mind that it can scare us into non-action.

Our mind can become a major traffic jam because we have visualized so many worst case scenarios that now we can’t move forward. it’s good to anticipate problems, but sometimes we can take it to ridiculous extremes.

Faith is the antidote to that paralyzing fear that makes us want to crawl under the covers and spend the day shaking because of the scary movie that keeps playing in our mind’s eye. I understand we need to have a reasonable understanding of what could go wrong with our plans and I also realize that we need to spend a reasonable amount of time viewing what could go well with our plans. Continue reading Word of the Month for Sept. 2016: Faith

Word of the Month for August 2016: Heartfelt




The Virtue is Heartfelt and the Saboteur is Jealousy

Heartfelt actions inspire love and envy.


A person who lives from heart is courageous, inspirational and memorable. These traits can also make a person susceptible to being envied. Where there is light, jealousy is sure to be lurking in the shadows. Remember that all things have opposites and those opposites are always inherent. Peacemakers are found in the midst of conflict, healers are found among the sick. Likewise, where you find true leadership, you will also find those who are suffering from jealousy.

There aren’t any jealous people, however, we all suffer from jealousy. Jealousy may be defined as the inability to experience heartfelt joy for another person’s success. Animals suffer from jealousy too. Continue reading Word of the Month for August 2016: Heartfelt