Word of the Month for October 2016: Protect

We protect out space from intruders, but what about our minds?
We protect out space from intruders, but what about our minds?


The Virtue is Protect and the Saboteur is Neglect.

Neglect Never Protects Love. 

We can protect ourself and others by protecting our heart, this means by following  our conscience which lives in our heart. By following the law of one’s conscience we can benefit our own life and be of better service to our society. By practicing this type of deep inner listening you are protected by your conscience because this is the voice of Eternity. Your conscience will never mislead you. It may make you go beyond what you thought was possible, but it will never mislead. When we practice deep listening, then we practice intelligence that reduces or even eliminates harmful actions.

Protecting virtuous qualities such as kindness, patience and compassion is the practice of spirituality. Ultimately, that’s why we meditate, practice mindfulness and even pray. We do these things to protect the quality of life. When we neglect our spiritual growth we become selfish, full of blame and resentment.   Continue reading Word of the Month for October 2016: Protect

Workshop Reminder: October 15th, The Emperor

The Emperor

Maintaining what is good and learning to release that which is no longer useful. 

This workshop will be hosted in Oceanside instead of Jacqueline’s office.

1733 Downs St., Oceanside, CA 92024

It’s a private home with a lovely setting in the back!

The workshop will be held Saturday, October 15th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The fee is $80.00. Please call the office and Kathleen will be happy to help you register, and answer any questions you may have.

Continue reading Workshop Reminder: October 15th, The Emperor

Word of the Month Video For Oct. 2016: Protect

The Word of the Month for October 2016 is “Protect.” We focus on protecting our families, our country, but what else requires our protection and attention? I invite you to enjoy our video for this month, and to focus on the word protect.

Word of the Month for Sept. 2016: Faith

Highland Valley Rd at Dusk



Faith is the Virtue and Self Doubt is the Saboteur.

We always live in the unknown, we always live in faith.

Every day is an unknown. Every day holds countless possibilities of unfoldment. These may be experienced by us as good or bad. There is so much that is unknown that it can actually paralyze us. We can become so overwhelmed wondering about what’s going to happen and trying on various possibilities in our mind that it can scare us into non-action.

Our mind can become a major traffic jam because we have visualized so many worst case scenarios that now we can’t move forward. it’s good to anticipate problems, but sometimes we can take it to ridiculous extremes.

Faith is the antidote to that paralyzing fear that makes us want to crawl under the covers and spend the day shaking because of the scary movie that keeps playing in our mind’s eye. I understand we need to have a reasonable understanding of what could go wrong with our plans and I also realize that we need to spend a reasonable amount of time viewing what could go well with our plans. Continue reading Word of the Month for Sept. 2016: Faith