Word of the Month: Character


VIRTUE is Character

SABOTEUR is Infamous


Character reveals who we really are.


Character may seem like an old fashioned word but the meaning is always in style. Character is what makes a hero a hero. When a hero falls from grace he becomes infamous. The archetype of the hero is one who embodies character. Character is the result of a strong and balanced mind led by a kind heart. If a person has a strong mind but it hasn’t been tempered then that mind may become cruel. If a person has a kind heart and experiences the challenges of betrayal without realizing the power of love, then kindness turns into weakness. The hero has wisdom because he has been tested through time by a wide variety of experiences.

Life throws many storms our way and if our only response is to merely storm back then we’re not ready to play the part of the hero. The spiritual journey is the path of the hero/heroine. The great Yogi’s teach us that we must be strong, confident, disciplined and kind. These are the traits of character, the spiritual warrior, the Yogi.

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