VIRTUE is Character

SABOTEUR is Infamous


Character reveals who we really are.


Character may seem like an old fashioned word but the meaning is always in style. Character is what makes a hero a hero. When a hero falls from grace he becomes infamous. The archetype of the hero is one who embodies character. Character is the result of a strong and balanced mind led by a kind heart. If a person has a strong mind but it hasn’t been tempered then that mind may become cruel. If a person has a kind heart and experiences the challenges of betrayal without realizing the power of love, then kindness turns into weakness. The hero has wisdom because he has been tested through time by a wide variety of experiences.

Life throws many storms our way and if our only response is to merely storm back then we’re not ready to play the part of the hero. The spiritual journey is the path of the hero/heroine. The great Yogi’s teach us that we must be strong, confident, disciplined and kind. These are the traits of character, the spiritual warrior, the Yogi.

Yogi’s and great warriors have many character traits in common. I bet that statement was a bit of a surprise. The spiritual path requires the strength of a great warrior to slay inner demons. These demons wear the sigils of their houses, such as, the house of greed, the house of vanity and pride, the house of anger and retribution and many others. The spiritual warrior gains strength and authority over the self. He purifies his emotions so his intentions are clear and good. He disciplines his thoughts so his focus is on attaining wisdom. He thinks, speaks and feels in harmony. He realizes the harmony of these three things have a great affect on himself and others. He also realizes that the quality of these three things will be his future. What we sow today we will reap tomorrow. A person of character is a mentally and emotionally disciplined person.

This type of discipline keeps us from bullying the self in private, which will keep us from bullying others in public. This inner discipline also helps our future to have less regrets, disappointments and resentments. It also keeps us in good company. The stronger our heart becomes the more we want to be with other like minded individuals. We want to be in good company and to be good company for others. Good character is remembered by others and that person has a good name throughout time, whereas a famous name doesn’t always come with good character. A famous name can quickly become infamous if the warrior lets his guard down and he gives in to the desires and whims of the inner demons. Character is something that must be fought for and won after many inner battles. These battles are not won through bullying the self or others, they are won through tenacious love.

Peace be with you Namaste

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