Word of the Month: Courage

  COURAGE    VIRTUE Courage  SABOTEUR Cowardice  A leap of faith always begins with a courageous heart.   Love conquers fear using courage as its weapon, words can console or be used as weapons, wounding us deeply. It takes courage to resolve differences without resorting to insults, threats and hateful words. Violence comes in many […]

Word of the Month: Faith

FAITH   Virtue is Faith Sabateur is Self Doubt Faith and doubt are but a breath apart.   The Yogi’s teach us that self doubt is the greatest hurdle on our spiritual path. When we have self doubt we also lack faith in our own Divine lineage. Faith empowers our human efforts to make all […]

Word of the Month: Character

CHARACTER VIRTUE is Character SABOTEUR is Infamous   Character reveals who we really are.   Character may seem like an old fashioned word but the meaning is always in style. Character is what makes a hero a hero. When a hero falls from grace he becomes infamous. The archetype of the hero is one who embodies […]

Word of the Month: Purity

PURITY   Virtue is Purity Saboteur is Contamination A pure heart is strong and kind.   Purity of heart reflects purity in character, much like the source of water determines the quality of life. If water is polluted, all who drink the water are prone to contamination. It is difficult to know if water is […]