VIRTUE Perseverance
SABOTEUR Resistance

Perseverance is the essence to all magic.

Perseverance seems to be an unattractive idea to ponder on. We don’t seem to see the beauty, the continuity, that perseverance brings to us. Perseverance isn’t stubbornly adhering to some personal goal, it isn’t blindly charging through obstacles. No, it isn’t that. It isn’t performing tasks joylessly. It isn’t that either. We seem to be confusing persistence with perseverance. The drought persists, while solving the problems it brings requires perseverance.
The drought isn’t going to go away any time soon. There aren’t any magical solutions. Magical thinking is more closely related to wishful thinking and that way of life is quickly ending. We used to live in a magical land of 20 minute showers, lush green lawns, sidewalks sparkling in the sun because they’ve just been hosed down. We’re used to turning the tap on and water appears, flowing endlessly, quenching our thirst, nourishing us and effortlessly giving us life, it’s like magic.

The drought could divide us, leaving us separated and suspicious of one another. It makes for good science fiction stories, except it isn’t science fiction anymore. Water is synonymous with life, not fiction. The story on how we solve our water dilemmas is being written right now. How do you think the future generations will read about us? Will they see us as petty, greedy and divided or will they read about a people who persevered through their differences and found hard won peace?

When we collectively set the intention to share we will be headed towards creative solutions for our water shortage. We will learn to resist resistance to change and persevere towards our intention of living with one another, rather than against one another. We will learn to persevere beyond our fears that we won’t get our fair share.

Perseverance is a necessary tool for the peace process, without it we take swipes and jabs at one another shattering the peace process into pieces. With loving perseverance
we can collect each of those pieces and create a mosaic of ideas that fit each of our needs perfectly and beautifully.

Respecting water is respecting one another. Water is life, we are water. Respecting water may teach us how to respect one another. Maybe the best thing that will come out of the drought is that it will make us color blind and class blind. Maybe it will teach us how to reach beyond our current unyielding ways of me and mine. Maybe we can persevere to the pure waters of intelligent solutions rather than wallowing in the muddy waters of hate, prejudice and violence.

Maybe we can find our way up the mountain of change and learn that a magical life is more closely related to perseverance than instant gratification. Perseverance isn’t harsh, it’s a loving word, a soft touch. These things, these tiny things can make a magical difference when we’re mountain climbing through life. Maybe as we persevere through the drought, we not only become peacemakers, but maybe, just maybe, we will become rainmakers.

Peace be with you Namaste

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