Virtue is SACRED

Saboteur is SCARED

Protecting moments in life from fear and hate creates sacredness.

All life in the cosmos is sacred. We celebrate sacredness through rituals that honor our rites of passage such as birth, marriage and death. We venerate the saints, yogis and masters by celebrating their words, teachings and lives. We seem to have lost interest in sacredness. We observe holidays with impatience and disdain. Words, vows and promises are said with little meaning and profanity is enthusiastically expressed. Desecration of sacred places is easily forgotten and the polluting of our waterways and forests are overlooked.

Without sacred living practices we become vulnerable to thoughts and actions which pander to hate and fear. Sacredness leads to respect, humbleness, integrity and reverence for life. Sacredness consecrates while fear desecrates. Consecration honors and blesses while desecration violates and scars. 

The sacredness of life has no place for the humiliation and defilement of rape. Rape is the absence of sacredness. We live in times when rape has become too common. Sacredness is veneration, respect and humbleness that brings us to our knees with sweet devotion. The absence of sacredness is disrespect, humiliation and intimidation that forces us to our knees. Sacredness is vulnerable to those who are scared. Fear creates a love of power and dominance. To ridicule, humiliate, rape or kill in a sacred name has nothing do with being a human being. It is monstrous.

The presence of sacredness yields philosophy, music and religion. Religion is the study of realizing our true sacred nature. Prayer and meditation are also the products of sacred living. Profanity is the misuse of sacred words. They are used to intimidate and crush others but, when properly used those sacred words have the power to crush fear in the darkest of times. Prayer can reduce fear to ashes.

We don’t have to ridicule people for attending church or gathering petitions to save trees and marriage has always been more than a piece of paper. We don’t have to see the sun as a large gaseous ball of fire. We don’t have to view a stand of trees as money in our pockets. Religion doesn’t have to be controversial. Our waterways and forests are hallowed ground and the sun is life giving. We live on a planet that is part of an eternal cosmos. Sacred power is love. This restores truth, beauty and goodness.


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