Date: Saturday September 23rd

Time: 10:00am to 2:00pm

Cost: $80.

Register: 760.753.9148

Let’s talk about things that we all wonder about, but we aren’t really engaging in continued conversations about.

*We understand that karma unfolds while we walk about the planet in these bodies, but what happens when we walk out of these bodies?

*Are we still creating karma?

*Is it connected to my lives on Earth?

*Come on, is there even an afterlife?

*Why would this be important information for me anyway?

The words death, birth, rebirth and afterlife can make for controversial conversations. These topics can make people laugh nervously, argue passionately, or even make some feel awkwardly scared. There are those who emphatically say there is not any afterlife, I say, if there is an afterlife, shouldn’t we be having — The Talk?

This workshop will be a little controversial, the topic of death, life after death and rebirth will be discussed throughout the day. We will also talk about dimensions, other worlds and good old heaven and hell. We’ll keep it uplifted with various fun and insightful experiences.

It’s controversial but lighthearted.

Peace be with you



Please call Kathleen at 760.753.9148 to register and receive the address.

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