CREATIVITY. The Word of the Month for August, 2019.

“The Cathedral”
Auguste Rodin (1840 -1917)

The following piece was written in the early morning hours on that fateful day in August, when once again hate found a way to express its narcissistic ways on the world stage. Let us not conform to complacency in the face of direct violence. Let us have the courage to rise up as individuals and pour the power of love into creative solutions.  

This is not weak, sentimental emotions that I am speaking of, this is the power of love! Let us be aware that words always reveal our thoughts and let us use that power not to create blame and hate, but instead, let us be individuals who have the audacity to thrive as empathetic beings. 

Speak out, yes; call for action, yes. Let us be courageous enough to push past the dangers of conformity to groups who endorse violence. Let us strengthen our consciousness as individuals and come together with others to think and act with the power of intelligent love. 

Let us stand up in the face of hate and dare to move forward with strength and dignity to unite and defeat this menacing energy with the commitment to never submit our thoughts, words and actions into hateful energies of any kind. 

May peace be with us all.

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Word of the Month Video for July, 2019: ACCEPTANCE.

The Word of the Month for July is Acceptance, and the saboteur is the word Denial. We often think of acceptance as a form of tolerance, but it is much deeper than that. Join us in the garden once again for a few words about acceptance.

Word of the Month for June, 2019: EMPATHY

The Word of the Month for June is Empathy. The saboteur of empathy is the word apathy. We know that empathy allows us to feel what another person is feeling and understand their perspective. Why is it important to feel other people’s pain, instead of succumbing to apathy? That’s the subject of the video for June.