“The Cathedral”
Auguste Rodin (1840 -1917)

The following piece was written in the early morning hours on that fateful day in August, when once again hate found a way to express its narcissistic ways on the world stage. Let us not conform to complacency in the face of direct violence. Let us have the courage to rise up as individuals and pour the power of love into creative solutions.  

This is not weak, sentimental emotions that I am speaking of, this is the power of love! Let us be aware that words always reveal our thoughts and let us use that power not to create blame and hate, but instead, let us be individuals who have the audacity to thrive as empathetic beings. 

Speak out, yes; call for action, yes. Let us be courageous enough to push past the dangers of conformity to groups who endorse violence. Let us strengthen our consciousness as individuals and come together with others to think and act with the power of intelligent love. 

Let us stand up in the face of hate and dare to move forward with strength and dignity to unite and defeat this menacing energy with the commitment to never submit our thoughts, words and actions into hateful energies of any kind. 

May peace be with us all.

The Virtue is Creativity and the Saboteur is Conformity

I have been told that I am a gifted person, a special person, and I have also been told that I am a scary and weird person, and some people have even gone so far as to say that I am from a very evil source. I seem to evoke some strong, emotional responses from other humans. I am not a gifted person or a special person and I am not from any evil source. Apparently, I am a little weird though, according to everyday standards. Actually, I am an ordinary mystic, as far as mystics are concerned.

Mysticism is a very practical way to live. It is a willingness to accept that everything in this living Universe is related to every other thing. Do no harm is the only rule. Listen to your heart, reason with your mind and speak words that are true and presented in kindness. This knowledge of Universal kinship inspires us to intuit creative, peaceful solutions to very old problems.

Intuition is not oppositional to logic. Intuition comes into the mind first and then we begin to utilize our sense of logic and analysis to reason out the formula. First we get a notion or a dream and it creates a stir inside of us, and we just can’t seem to let the feeling go. It feels like someone keeps knocking on the door of your heart. When intuition comes knocking, it is delivering creative solutions. So answer it already!

Why is it that we don’t answer the door? Because trusting our intuition may put us at odds with those who are willing to enforce conformity because of their own inhibitions. No one wants to put their creativity at the feet of humans who have excessive conformist thinking, it can be an uncomfortable situation or it can be downright scary. 

 When Intuition is trusted, it becomes the key ingredient of creativity. Creativity is not only about drawing, singing or acting, it happens every time you are looking for a solution to life’s everyday dramas. Each time you find yourself in a situation where you must think on your feet, you are exercising your creative response. You are intuiting and following a feeling, rather than bread crumbs. 

We must free our minds and hearts, so that no one will ever be able to bind us.

Conformity sabotages creativity. There is a reasonable amount of conformity that keeps us in agreement and then there is the kind of conformity that binds, coerces and squashes creative ideas. We can and do  force people to conform to political, religious and philosophical ideals and that is currently happening all around the world, everyday of the week. Unfortunately, this type of conformity has become normal, but it will never, ever be a natural way for the human spirit to live. We must free our minds and hearts, so that no one will ever be able to bind us.  

When a country begins to descend into the darkness of excessive conformity, the first people to be put on the Bad List are the creative minds. They are not to be tolerated. Let us commit ourselves to respectfully disagreeing with one another; and let us commit ourselves to understanding that creativity is exactly what we need to climb out of the ugly actions of enforced conformity. Help your own self to resist calling other humans demeaning names and ridiculing their brave expressions of creativity, merely because you disagree with them.

Kindly be your natural self, by honoring the right of every human to be a unique expression of what it means to be human.

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  1. Jacqueline,
    Your words of the heart soothes and strengthens my soul.
    Your message last Sunday melted those pointy places on my soul/heart, most definitely my mind. I observe myself when I arrive and within 20 minutes a transformation begins and I soften.
    Many blessings.

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