Word of the Month for September 2019: SILENCE

The Virtue is Silence and the Saboteur is Noise.

Silence is the absence of noise, not the absence of sound.

Noise and silence are both different types of sound. Just because your ears do not hear sound doesn’t mean it isn’t present. Sound is always present, and it is everywhere. We don’t have the capacity to hear every thought someone thinks or every breath that is drawn in, but sound is inherent in every motion that exists in the Universe. The journey of the Earth through space produces sounds that we may not hear and therefore we experience these sounds as silence, however, sound is everywhere, noise is not. The biggest difference between sound and noise is that sound pervades and noise invades.

We wear earphones to reduce noise, so that we may be able to enjoy the sounds of our choice. We tune out what some people are saying because it is just noise to our ears, and likewise, we may also strain to hear the meaning behind someone else’s words. Some words are like music to our ears, some words are noisy and rude, and still other words make us laugh or cry. Words are sounds that create change, they can make us speechless and silent or they can make us want to speak up.

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Word of the Month Video for September, 2019: SILENCE

The Word of the Month for September, 2019 is the word Silence. The saboteur of Silence is Noise. Silence is a key ingredient to meditation. You may have a quiet place meditate, but there can still be a lot of noise in your own mind once you sit down to rest. We must learn to find the silence within ourselves throughout the day, in order to heal our own minds, and to find a place where we can respond to whatever is in front of us instead of merely reacting. How do we access this space? Practice!

CREATIVITY. The Word of the Month for August, 2019.

“The Cathedral”
Auguste Rodin (1840 -1917)

The following piece was written in the early morning hours on that fateful day in August, when once again hate found a way to express its narcissistic ways on the world stage. Let us not conform to complacency in the face of direct violence. Let us have the courage to rise up as individuals and pour the power of love into creative solutions.  

This is not weak, sentimental emotions that I am speaking of, this is the power of love! Let us be aware that words always reveal our thoughts and let us use that power not to create blame and hate, but instead, let us be individuals who have the audacity to thrive as empathetic beings. 

Speak out, yes; call for action, yes. Let us be courageous enough to push past the dangers of conformity to groups who endorse violence. Let us strengthen our consciousness as individuals and come together with others to think and act with the power of intelligent love. 

Let us stand up in the face of hate and dare to move forward with strength and dignity to unite and defeat this menacing energy with the commitment to never submit our thoughts, words and actions into hateful energies of any kind. 

May peace be with us all.

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First Sunday “SiT-Cast” for July, 2019.

This class was recorded on Sunday, July 7th, 2019, in Oceanside, California. We discussed the word of the month from June, which was Empathy. The saboteur of empathy is Apathy. Empathy raises our emotional and intellectual IQ. Apathy only lowers it. Join us this month, as we focus on the word Acceptance.