Spring Equinox Workshop
with Jacqueline Valdez

It’s coming up soon!

When: Saturday March 18 from 10:00 a.m. till 2:00 p.m.

Where: Oceanside

Cost: $80.

Registration: Call Kathleen at 760.753.9148

Light snacks and water are provided. Kindly feel free to bring a lite lunch with you.

The Springtime is the perfect time to spend a day with others in a beautiful outdoor garden setting. Here we will forage through our past and root out the saboteurs that linger within and keep us from enjoying our new intentions.

We will learn mystical techniques of rooting out the reasons behind the following problems.

Indecision can cause paralysis in decisions and actions.

All or nothing habits can cause us to wait and wait and wait.

Obsessing on the outcome can create sabotage.

The better our understanding is of the cosmic laws of karma and reincarnation, the more likely we are to change our ability to follow through on our good intentions.

Kindly join us for a day of setting intentions for the year ahead and using mystical techniques to seal the deal.

We’ll have fun while we’re being very productive about setting your future intentions into motion.

Thank You!


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