Word of the Month for December: Silence

SILENCE   The Virtue is Silence and the Saboteur is Noise.   Silence is the absence of noise, not the absence of sound. Noise and silence are both different types of sound. Just because your ears do not hear sound doesn’t mean it isn’t present. Sound is always present, and it is everywhere. We don’t […]

Another Pilgrimage: Returning to India

I recently returned from another pilgrimage to my beloved ashram in India. I have been traveling to India to make this pilgrimage for the past twenty five years. I haven’t gone every year and I spend anywhere from two weeks to six weeks each time I go there. The trip is a wee bit more […]

2015 Karma and Reincarnation Workshop (S)!

Karma and Reincarnation Workshop With Jacqueline Valdez Saturday, Febraury 28th, 10:00am-4:00pm $80. That’s your karma! You’ll get yours! He seems straight from the animal kingdom! This workshop is designed to create an understanding of the way karma and reincarnation are traditionally taught by the Yogi’s. This may differ from what you may have thought of […]