SiT Word of the Month for October, 2018: INDEPENDENCE

The SiT Word of the Month is INDEPENDENCE. The Saboteur of INDEPENDENCE is LONELINESS. Spending time by yourself can lead to an expansive feeling of independence, or it can lead to feelings of loneliness. How do we practice being Independent? What is the antidote to feeling withdrawn? That’s the subject of our video this month!

Word of the Month Video July 2018: UNITY

The Word of the Month for July 2018 is the word UNITY. The Saboteur of unity is the word DIVISIVENESS. Unity starts with the individual and expands. Expansion is an important word in spirituality. Unity has to do with the sum of all the parts, working as a whole. Can a truly united people be […]

Word of the Month, May 2018: COMMITMENT

Commitment The Virtue is Commitment and the Saboteur is Loyalty. Commitment is a sacred dedication, loyalty is not always sacred.   Commitment to spirituality doesn’t require loyalty to anyone, any group or any particular way.  Commitment is voluntary and it is a sacred vow you make to yourself. This vow comes from within and then […]

Word of the Month Video for May 2018: COMMITMENT

The Word of the Month for May, 2018 is Commitment. The Saboteur of Commitment is Loyalty. Both words are often thought to be similar, but are they really? Watch the video to find out. Namaste.