The Word of the Month for July 2018 is the word UNITY. The Saboteur of unity is the word DIVISIVENESS. Unity starts with the individual and expands. Expansion is an important word in spirituality. Unity has to do with the sum of all the parts, working as a whole. Can a truly united people be divided and conquered? They can only be conquered if they give in to divisiveness.  Please enjoy our video for this month on the timely subject of unity.


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  1. Phil and yourself are working magic with the videos!

    Wonderful bringing in the Americas–north, central and south–unity.
    I never thought of it that way. Brings home just how connected we are, inspiring UNITY. I am blessed to be a part of LIFE, in human form.

    As always, Jacqueline, thank you for sharing your wisdom and inspiring me to be a better human being.

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