Word of the Month: Perseverance


Virtue is Perseverance

Saboteur is Resistance


Perseverance is the agent of change for magic.


Perseverance is an agent of change. It is the heart and soul of magic. When we begin a new way of thinking it takes perseverance not to go back to the old path and arrive at the same destination. It takes purposeful intentions and a lot of practice to create new habits of change. The mind will resist change with the strength of an elephant. It will want to take the old path. Perseverance is the new mahout. Perseverance and steady intention will guide us though the overgrown jungle of false starts and feelings of hopelessness.

The Yogi’s teach us that we don’t get a new mind when we reincarnate. Yes, we get a new brain, but not a new mind. The mind is a continual stream of consciousness. This may require some pondering. The mind and the brain are not the same thing. In this way of looking at things the brain is the computer and the mind is the operator of the computer. So, following this line of reasoning, all of our past thoughts and actions must move with us through time. This implies we have habits of thinking that are older than our current bodies. We may exhibit certain compulsions or talents whose origins seem inexplicable. These behaviors are referred to as sanskaras, or latent tendencies that are carried forth from lifetime to lifetime. We’re not doomed to repeat these experiences, but without awareness and perseverance we may continue to repeat negative habits. Perseverance also helps us to improve the positive habits and talents that we have brought with us from our past lives.

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