Virtue Transcendence

Saboteur Bound

Transcendence is a mystical experience that creates waves of bliss. 

Kodaikanal, southern India photo: Jacqueline Valdez. Nikon FE 50mm/f1.8
Kodaikanal, southern India photo: Jacqueline Valdez. Nikon FE 50mm/f1.8

To transcend something is to go beyond that which you have become accustomed to. We have grown used to thinking that we’re inadequate or overlooked. We’ve become complacent with thinking I’ve tried and failed, it hurts too much to put myself through trying again. I want to change but I don’t know how to change.

Transcendence doesn’t tell us how to change or even what to change into. No, transcendence is the first step to change because it’s about imagining that perhaps you just haven’t seen all the possibilities. Transcending bad self talk begins with imagining how it feels to speak kindly to the self. Are you reading this thinking, yeah, yeah, yeah? I’ve heard all that **** before. It doesn’t work.

Obviously, you already know that there is something better for you than where you are or you wouldn’t have tried changing. You’ve already imagined that there is a better way to do things and you reached out for it. You may not have reached out far enough the last time, so I suggest you get a step ladder. What?

Don’t give up wanting to be better, but definitely give up the way you’ve been approaching it. Transcend the urge to give up. Go beyond giving up and walk to the starting line. Once there, transcend those feelings of being overwhelmed. I know it’s hard, I deal with these things also. I haven’t ever met anyone who doesn’t suffer from these feelings. 

It’s part of our human journey to learn to accept that dreaming or transcending is our intuition telling us that there is more to do. You’re not just a dreamer. You’re intuiting what to do, what’s good for you. Stop trying to figure out why you’re such a failure and pay attention to your intuition. It’s screaming at you! Hello! 

Transcend your feelings of smallness and start walking toward your dreams. All wondrous inventions begin as dreams. All great ideas and philosophies begin as dreams. Our intuition always knows there’s more to life than what you think you know. Stop thinking you have it all figured out. You know what I mean, those thoughts that say, you’re too old, get over yourself you’re not that special. You don’t have life figured out if you have thoughts like that.

Life is a journey and I encourage you to buy a ticket. Kindly join me this year for the year of becoming an intuitionist. Let’s take the first step together. Lets resolve that during January we will accept that our feelings of inadequacy are merely bad habits of thought that we’ve had for centuries. These habits are probably older than our bodies. Ponder on that idea.

Next, let’s accept that the only reason we seem to be failing is because we haven’t established a new habit that is stronger than the old one yet. The old one is really old! New habits must be practiced everyday so that they displace the old ones. 

Come on! Give yourself a year to overcome one bad habit of thought. You just might transcend a whole lot more than you set out to do.

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  1. I’very already started♡! This is wonderfilled. I’very started with forgiveness and every time a negative feeling or words invade, I patiently, gently remove it from my soul memory. Thankyou

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