Word of the Month: Joy

JOY Virtue Joy  Saboteur Holding On Joy is the result of sacrifice   What thoughts are making your heart heavy?
 Who do you need to stop thinking negative thoughts about? Do you realize joy is the result of giving love? During this time of year nature’s light diminishes and we experience our inner life more […]

Word of the Month: Listen

LISTEN Virtue is Listen Saboteur is Ignore   Listening is a choice we make everyday.   To listen is a skill that can be cultivated and improved upon and it is so much more than a skill. To listen to one’s soul is to listen for the truth. This is not easy and it requires […]

Word of the Month: Perseverance

PERSEVERANCE Virtue is Perseverance Saboteur is Resistance   Perseverance is the agent of change for magic.   Perseverance is an agent of change. It is the heart and soul of magic. When we begin a new way of thinking it takes perseverance not to go back to the old path and arrive at the same […]