Virtue Joy 

Saboteur Holding On

Joy is the result of sacrifice


What thoughts are making your heart heavy?
 Who do you need to stop thinking negative thoughts about? Do you realize joy is the result of giving love?

During this time of year nature’s light diminishes and we experience our inner life more intensely than usual. We experience darkness more profoundly by feeling invisible or forgotten and the light seems to be brighter when we remember to give to one another. Joy is a beam of light that pierces the dark regions of our heart expanding our ability to give the gifts that can last a lifetime.

These gifts come from practicing the spirit of sacrifice. We tend to hold onto negative thoughts as if they were treasures, tucking them deep into our being, vowing to keep them alive and well. When we sacrifice our rebuttals, petty criticisms and impatient actions for thoughts of kindness, patience and understanding we experience liberation or joy. Giving anonymously is big hearted, as well as gracefully giving or receiving an apology is also big hearted. Sacrifice is the joy of being liberated from a heavy heart.

Time is also very precious and when we sacrifice our personal time to give to someone who is suffering from feeling forgotten we feel joyful. Cleaning out our closet or garage can take time but relinquishing perfectly good clothes that are under used in your closet is a joy for both parties, while your garage may also have some items that would be useful to another family.

Happiness is easier and more abundant than joy. Chocolate can make you happy but joy is the result of listening and acting on the inner voice. This is the voice of the heart, the one that speaks softly and confidently, the one that tells you to let go. Ironically, what we’re holding are the heavy feelings of regret, resentment and too much stuff. Sacrificing these thoughts lead us to feelings of joy.

Everything changes and holding on too tightly works against our very nature. This season hold on to the spirit of joy and may it find it’s way into your home and heart.

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