Virtue is Faith

Sabateur is Self Doubt

Faith and doubt are but a breath apart.


The Yogi’s teach us that self doubt is the greatest hurdle on our spiritual path. When we have self doubt we also lack faith in our own Divine lineage. Faith empowers our human efforts to make all things possible. Without it, we remain the same. We don’t explore, we don’t create and we don’t intuit. Faith leads us to courage and vision. Faith in oneself can take us from doing what we think we can do, to doing what we haven’t even thought of doing. We are prompted to fulfill our potential rather than merely satisfying the expectations of others.

Faith motivates, inspires and strengthens our human nature. Faith is the inspiration which springs us into action. A coach has faith in the athlete and that faith inspires the athlete to have faith in her self. Now she can take that faith and run faster than she has ever ran before or she can allow self doubts to cheat her out of her victory. Faith requires human effort to create change.

Self doubts are like termites in the house. They can gnaw and eat at you until finally you begin to see that stress and anxiousness are destroying your hopes and dreams. Fear is natural and understandable but fear of failure is about our pride. With God’s grace and human effort everything is possible. God doesn’t live in the universe, He is the universe and faith wakes us up to seeing Him in all things, making all things possible. Faith is a wake up call. It’s throwing the mask of pride aside and facing our doubts with new found courage to go beyond what we have learned before.

Prayer is natural. Its been occurring in all cultures throughout time. It is our oldest living language. We find ourselves speaking out into the night asking for guidance or begging for relief. Innately, we know the biggest part of life in this universe is invisible. Invisible, but deeply felt. Prayer means we know we are not alone. Faith inspires prayer and prayer creates change. Over time consulting with Divine consciousness improves and strengthens our resolve to love deeper. Faith senses love and seeks it out much like Rover smells his hidden bones and seeks them out. Faith knows where the gems of wisdom are hidden and prompts us to find the answers to our questions. Peace be with you, namaste.

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