Virtue is Freedom

Saboteur is Confinement

Discipline leads to freedom


The truth sets us free from what? Is your love free from expectations and conditions? How does discipline lead us to freedom?

 When I read that the word free is derived from an Indo-European root meaning to love I began to ponder on the relationship between love, truth and freedom. I began to see that giving love without expectations and conditions requires a very disciplined heart and mind. Perhaps truth is another word for love. We seem to be truly free when we experience the absence of fear and hate.

Spirituality is the experience of love. It is the journey of knowing that love is inherent in all things, that love is our true nature. Love is the antidote to everything that confines us because the nature of love is to expand, not to contract. An expanded consciousness opens our hearts and minds to create solutions to poverty, ignorance and disease. Love is the medicine that frees us from disease. Love is the education that frees us from ignorance. Love is the food that frees us from starvation. Love is the wealth that frees us from poverty in the world and of the spirit. Love expands our consciousness so that these ideas flow freely from one another allowing us to lead healthier, happier lives. Love frees us to experience tolerance and mercy.

Love is the inspiration as well as the solution to all problems. Discipline is the way to experience the inspiration and embody the solution. Music is very inspirational and the only way to free oneself from sour notes is to practice music with regularity. Spiritual discipline or the practice of spirituality frees us from the sour thoughts of intolerance, arrogance and hate. I feel that truth is love and that is what sets us free from every chain that has ever or will ever bind us.

Love frees us from fear also. We learn this from animals. When an animal smells fear in a human it postures and growls. It seems to know that a fearful human may resort to harm quicker than one who is confident in the power of love. A human who is fearless like a Yogi or a Saint can sit on the banks of a river and meditate safely with crocodiles or have a tiger sit at his feet. Their fearlessness overpowers the urge to cause harm. Daniel displayed fearlessness in the lion’s den because his heart was free enough to experience love as the most powerful truth in the universe. A human who is fearless is always harmless. Please ponder deeply upon this statement. Ponder on the nature of love, truth and the freedom that they bring to the human heart

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