Virtue Silence

Saboteur Noise 

Silence is the absence of noise.

Silence is the prelude to the universe. Silence is space. Sound emerges from silence. Silence is the womb of everything. Silence is invisible, yet we experience it through a glance. Silence is filled with visions and symphonies, smells and memories.

We miss silence and we’re afraid of it. We strain to listen in the silence of the night for any telltale sounds of danger. A door slams and all that is left from the argument is deafening silence. Shock can be experienced as a silent moment. Silence protects and endangers. Silence is golden therapy. Patients need silence to recover their strength. Such great power is inherent in silence. Silence is deep, dreamless sleep.

We ask to be alone with our thoughts in silence. We give others a moment to reflect in silence. We’re respectfully silent when we mourn with others. Silence can oppress some and free others. A shared moment in silence is solidarity. 

Libraries treat us to silence and wisdom. Silence is a force of nature. Redwoods are silent giants. Getting away from it all requires silence. To retreat is to give into silence.

Silence is a gift. Silence is also a curse. We haven’t heard anything. We wait in silence. We reach important decisions in the silent regions of our hearts. We hold secrets in silence. We whisper. Why did you keep it silently to yourself? Silence separates and ignores. Oh, and then there’s the dreaded silent treatment.

Silence is very much a part of our human nature. Silence exists between every heartbeat and every breath. It is the space between thoughts, words and musical notes. Things take shape in silence.

Silence hides the truth and reveals the truth. Intuition is seeing silently. Clearing the mind is a silent process. Silence is a language all its own. Silence can be louder than words. So much is revealed without a single word being spoken. Noise can make us tune out and tune into the ever present silence.

Silence is inner strength. We talk to God silently. Meditation is silent. Silent prayer is a blissful expression of devotion. Silence can break our heart or open our heart. Silence is also the sound of a closed heart. Redemption requires silence. Reverence is silent. Forgiveness deepens in silence. Sometimes we weep silently. Silence consoles. Faith is found in the silent moments of the unknown. When we’re lost we try desperately to find that silent space in our mind to remember who we are.

Sudden events can evoke silence, as does the feeling of awe. Altars evoke silence. When we hold silent space for one another it’s like being a net for a traumatized tightrope walker. Silence is always present, it’s always there in all its poignant beauty. It seems that silence is always the beginning and always the end. Silence is the space sometimes referred to as birth and sometimes referred to as death. Hate can grow in silence, but the stillness in love protects us from the silence in hate.

Silence is listening.
Peace be with you, Namaste.

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