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The Virtue is Natural and the Saboteur is Normal.

Naturalness isn’t always the norm.

We don’t often use the word natural unless we’re speaking of health food stores or a trip to the country. We don’t usually refer to ourselves as natural either, rather, we refer to ourselves as normal. I’m normal. Is that normal? You’re not normal! I’ll never be normal, and I don’t want to be normal.

It’s normal for people to shout one another down because each side claims to understand the nature of the Universe.
It’s natural to ponder on the nature of the Universe. Are we immortal? What’s the point to all of this?

It’s normal to dedicate yourself to making a living.
It’s natural to want to make a life worth living.

It’s normal to wonder why there are so many annoying people in the world and it’s normal to be stressed out and worried sick. It’s normal to think that happy people aren’t responsible people and that money is the goal of life.

Yet, the Yogi’s teach us that our natural state as humans is to be happy. Hmmm…

It’s normal to have junk food.
It’s natural to have health food.

It’s normal to have treated water and modified food.
It’s natural for food and water to be clean and healthy.

It’s normal to cut someone off when they’re speaking or when they’re driving.
It’s natural to be kind.

It’s normal to have background noise.
It’s natural to be silent.

It’s normal to be arrogant.
It’s natural to be confident.

Its normal to think that the brain and the mind are the same thing.
Its natural to see that the brain is an organ in the body and the mind is more Eternal in its nature.

Its normal for young children to think their proteins come from the supermarket.
Its natural to know where your food comes from.

It’s normal to live in a polluted world.
It’s natural to live on a healthy planet.

It’s normal for the air to be full of the scent of the presence of humans.
It’s natural for the air to be a symphony of smells from all the kingdoms in nature.

It’s normal to have melting ice caps.
Its natural to have ice caps.

Its normal to watch the Amazon disappear.
It’s natural for Earth to have healthy lungs.

It’s normal to forget that strangers are human beings.
It’s natural to feel inclusive towards one another.

It’s normal to be angry over petty misunderstandings.
It’s natural to want resolution.

It’s normal to be stressed out or angry.
It’s natural to experience peace.

It’s normal to be busy.
It’s natural to be productive.

Kindly ponder on the nature of all things. Allow yourself to question what you think you know. Practice feeling what seems natural to you and what’s normal for you. Naturalness promotes prosperity or a healthy environment for growth, while normalcy can sometimes be apathetic instead of empathetic.

Remember the virtuous qualities are always natural because they create awareness and joy, harmony and beauty.  The saboteurs teach us to be aware of our true natures.

Peace be with you


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