The Virtue is Intuition and the Saboteur is Conclusion

Intuition is our inner compass.

The Phoenicians were an ancient mariner society that lived as long ago as 6,000 years. Their navigation genius changed the face of the world. Some say these people may have navigated themselves across the entire globe. They exchanged ideas as well as goods. They brought us the alphabet, invented purple dye and supplied Egypt with wood for their magnificent temples. All these things and more came about because these people pondered on the nature of the night sky.

They intuited that we humans were travelers in space and time and that the stars and planets were also time travelers. The night sky viewed from the Earth used to be like a piece of black velvet dappled with brilliant diamonds spilling across its surface. The Phoenicians pondered the graceful movements of the stars across the sky, how they synchronized with the seasons and even synchronized with events in their lives.

They intuited navigation, calendars and the written word. What a leap, a leap in faith, that is. They began to intuit the interconnectedness of all things. They sensed connections between the larger picture and the smaller picture. From their observations, their intuitions, we now have our present day navigation system called smart phones. Intuition happens first, then we reason it out through our intellect.

When we’re agitated or frustrated our intuition is present but the mute button has been pressed. We can’t hear a thing. If you need access to your intuition but all you’re getting is the sound of worry and self doubt, try this. Consciously ignore the mind for a few moments and sit down. Place your hands, palms down on your thighs, close your eyes and consciously breath long and slow. Let your mind wander wherever it may and concentrate on just stilling the body. The body can teach the mind. You can do this in public, just look down rather than close your eyes. Performing this task under these conditions is like threading a needle in a thunderstorm. Believe me, I know, I practice it.

The more you practice willing yourself into stillness, the more well rested you’ll become. Your intuition will have more clarity, bringing that magical feeling of connectedness into your life. If you insist on thinking that an agitated mind is a thoughtful mind, your intuition will be muted. It’ll be there, but muted.

Once we’ve concluded that we are bad or someone else is bad, we shut the door to further knowledge about them or even about our self. We don’t want to intuit the truth, instead we settle for being right, which isn’t always about being good. By learning to intuit what being good is all about, then we’re always right. What a bonus!

Intuition is sensing our way through life by using our inner compass to go deeper into problem solving, deeper, meaning beyond merely criticizing, demeaning and judging. Intuition perceives intention. You can’t see that with an agitated mind. Intuition helps us to see into the soul of the problem. Mathematics without music is problem solving without soul, as is science without art. Intuition is soul. Religion without intuition forgets the nature of the soul. Intuition always knows the way home, follow it.

Peace be with you, Namaste



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