SiT Word of the Month for October, 2018: INDEPENDENCE

The SiT Word of the Month is INDEPENDENCE. The Saboteur of INDEPENDENCE is LONELINESS. Spending time by yourself can lead to an expansive feeling of independence, or it can lead to feelings of loneliness. How do we practice being Independent? What is the antidote to feeling withdrawn? That’s the subject of our video this month!

Word of the Month Video July 2018: UNITY

The Word of the Month for July 2018 is the word UNITY. The Saboteur of unity is the word DIVISIVENESS. Unity starts with the individual and expands. Expansion is an important word in spirituality. Unity has to do with the sum of all the parts, working as a whole. Can a truly united people be divided and conquered? They can only be conquered if they give in to divisiveness.  Please enjoy our video for this month on the timely subject of unity.


Word of the Month, May 2018: COMMITMENT


The Virtue is Commitment and the Saboteur is Loyalty.

Commitment is a sacred dedication, loyalty is not always sacred.


Commitment to spirituality doesn’t require loyalty to anyone, any group or any particular way. 

Commitment is voluntary and it is a sacred vow you make to yourself. This vow comes from within and then it affects those around you. Commitment comes from the deepest part of your heart. Only you know if you are truly committed or not.

Loyalty may or may not be voluntary and it may require a demonstration of your loyalty, or you may be required to make a payment. We may be loyal merely because we want to belong to something, or just to fit in. Loyalty is a bit more flexible in its identity. We may aspire to be loyal, but there is a part of us that is merely saying yes until further notice.

Loyalty can be bought, but commitment is earned. 

Loyalty comes from an old french word that is similar to legal. It is a pledge or fealty to a leader. Loyalties can be rewarded and disloyalty can bring about punitive measures. Commitment is its own reward.

Loyalties can be bought and sold, they can be demanded or coerced. Loyalty can be a good thing, a tainted thing or it can just be living a lie. We can be loyal to a company, a person or a group of persons with a particular ideology, but that does not mean we are committed to their values. Loyalty can be given in hopes of  receiving something in return. That is more of a type of bargaining, but we tend to call it loyalty. Read more

Word of the Month for December: Silence

Earth in a sunbeam, as seen from Voyager I.



The Virtue is Silence and the Saboteur is Noise.


Silence is the absence of noise, not the absence of sound.

Noise and silence are both different types of sound. Just because your ears do not hear sound doesn’t mean it isn’t present. Sound is always present, and it is everywhere. We don’t have the capacity to hear every thought someone thinks or every breath that is drawn in, but sound is inherent in every motion that exists in the Universe. The journey of the Earth through space produces sounds that we may not hear and therefore we experience these sounds as silence, however, sound is everywhere, noise is not. The biggest difference between sound and noise is that sound pervades and noise invades.

We wear earphones to reduce noise, so that we may be able to enjoy the sounds of our choice. We tune out what some people are saying because it is just noise to our ears, and likewise, we may also strain to hear the meaning behind someone else’s words. Some words are like music to our ears, some words are noisy and rude, and still other words make us laugh or cry. Words are sounds that create change, they can make us speechless and silent or they can make us want to speak up.

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Another Pilgrimage: Returning to India

I recently returned from another pilgrimage to my beloved ashram in India. I have been traveling to India to make this pilgrimage for the past twenty five years. I haven’t gone every year and I spend anywhere from two weeks to six weeks each time I go there. The trip is a wee bit more difficult because I am a wee bit older, but it is still very manageable and I am very grateful.

red powder in India

I love traveling to India because it allows me to be unplugged. I do not take my I Pad or my laptop or a phone, however, this year I did take a phone to take photos with. I always have my writing pad and pens and I write quite a bit while I am there, but not this time. This time I wrote very little, instead I found myself sleeping, yes sleeping. I am a naturally good sleeper, (thank God) but on this trip, I was sleeping deeply for nine hours straight, plus an hour or two during the day. I even had to challenge myself not to sleep more.

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