The virtue is Love and the saboteur is Hate.

Love is the answer to every question you’ll ever ask.

I have been asked many questions over the last 34 years of my career. I have been asked about finances, family, romance, well being and so on, but all these questions are about love, even the finance questions.

I’m so worried there won’t be enough money for the mortgage, the children’s college fund, that special vacation we want our children to experience. You may say love won’t buy these things and you would be correct, however, the intention of wanting these things is to share love. 

We all make mistakes in life. We over spend, over eat, over criticize, over talk and we have too much anger. Each of us say things that are hurtful. It’s just easier to see them in others, rather than in yourself. We always have a reason why we’re over doing or under doing and that leads us to think that  everyone else is just making excuses. We have reasons and they have excuses. That’s convenient. 

We don’t need to be hard on one another. We don’t have to speak with an edge in our voice. We don’t have to be demeaning and harsh. We get this way because we have come to believe that love isn’t in everything. 

We always want to know why things don’t work. Why would anyone believe in God, when so many atrocities happen in the world? Why do we need to forgive? Why and what’s the point anyway?

Love is what inspires people to develop new medicines to cure old diseases. You may be thinking it isn’t love as much as it’s big business. Love is always the initial inspiration and then we let our pettiness and lack of education about love interfere with the process. 

Everyone wants love, everyone wants to experience love. Love cures, transforms, transcends, exonerates, celebrates and acknowledges. Love is patience and kindness, it’s strength beyond all comprehension, it moves us from bitter to sweet, from petty to generous, from darkness to the light.

Love is in everything. Love is power, not an emotion. Love is expressed through our emotions, but it is the power that lives and moves throughout the cosmos. Love can never be wimpy. When we’re wimpy, it’s because we have forgotten that we generate the power of love. Love is the most abundant source of energy that will ever be available to us and it’s the most under used source of energy that we have.

We have mistakingly viewed love as emotional, when in fact it’s the source of all intelligence. It’s the answer to everything. Where it’s forgotten or under used, you don’t see the power of great intelligence at work. Instead, you see greed, selfishness, unbridled power, narcissism, starvation and disrespect for natural resources, these things are ignorance and hate, this is the neglect of love. 

Love is at hand. Love because you can, love because you have a vision for the future, love because you’re intelligent. 

Peace be with you.



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