Word of the Month for March 2016: Intuition

The Virtue is Intuition and the Saboteur is Conclusion Intuition is our inner compass. The Phoenicians were an ancient mariner society that lived as long ago as 6,000 years. Their navigation genius changed the face of the world. Some say these people may have navigated themselves across the entire globe. They exchanged ideas as well […]

The Word of the Month for February 2016: Natural

The Virtue is Natural and the Saboteur is Normal. Naturalness isn’t always the norm. We don’t often use the word natural unless we’re speaking of health food stores or a trip to the country. We don’t usually refer to ourselves as natural either, rather, we refer to ourselves as normal. I’m normal. Is that normal? […]

More on Transcendence, The Word of the Month for January 2016.

Virtue Transcendence Saboteur Bound Transcendence is a mystical experience that creates waves of bliss.  To transcend something is to go beyond that which you have become accustomed to. We have grown used to thinking that we’re inadequate or overlooked. We’ve become complacent with thinking I’ve tried and failed, it hurts too much to put myself […]